In 2020 the way we practiced yoga changed drastically and we had a chance to create a community online, where we can meet from all around the world and still practice and move together.

I’ve been teaching online for a while now (recording on demand classes even before the pandemic) and I feel a powerful call to bring this community even closer together! That’s why I’ve created three different memberships for you that vary in price and value, depending on how much you want to stay connected.

All three memberships are designed to give you monthly access to a few of my live classes and workshops without having to singularly book each class and at a lesser price. 

In addition you will have one recorded yin or restorative class  and one guided meditation uploaded at the beginning of each month to my platform i use. 

You can either book your membership over my Platform so you have straight away access to the recorded sessions or you can book it here and i will send you the login asap.

Each membership offers then a discount on different upcoming workshops. With the awaken membership you will also have discount on future retreats. 

I am trying to offer 3 live online classes a week. And two workshops every month. 

Although I will always try my best, it can happen every now and then that I will not be able to host a live (if feeling unwell, being in a place where I can’t record or doing a training). In those cases you will be notified via email and a recorded class of the same length will be uploaded in the members’ area within a week time instead.

25chf per month

23€/ 20£/ 28$

join this membership to have access to:

1x 60min live class

1x90min. live class

1xrecorded guided meditation

1x recorded restorative/yin class

discount on future workshops

membership starts after you have participated the first live class.

40chf per month

37€/ 32£/ 44$

join this membership to have access to:

4x  live classes (60min or 90min.) 

1x recorded guided meditation

1x recorded restorative/yin class

discount on future  workshops

membership starts after you have participated the first live class.

55chf per month

50€/ 44£/ 61$

join this membership to have access to:

7x live classes (60min or 90min)

1x recorded guided meditation

1x recorded restorative/yin class

discount on future workshops

discount on future retreats

membership starts after you have participated the first live class.


Q: How often do I have to pay?

A: This is a monthly subscription. your membership ends automaticlly.

Q: When are the live classes planned for?

A: You will find the schedule for the live classes here. the days and times vary sometimes from week to week.


Q: What do I need to attend the classes?

A: You will need to download Zoom on your device (free version is enough). And of course a mat and a space where to practice. For each class, if you need anything specific like blocks or bolster (which you can substitute with books or rolled blanket), I will let you know in advance.


Q: I am a complete beginner, is it ok for me to join?

A: yes. I try to keep my classes open to all levels, with options for everyone.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?

A: Not at the moment, but if you’ve never took a class with me, I suggest booking a one to one  and see how you find it. 

Q: How much discount do i get to for the workshops and Special Classes as a member

A:Depends on the length of the Workshop? Special Class you will get 10-15% off the normal Price. If you want to participate workshops and special classes you can send me aMail and i will send you a PromoCode to purchase the Workshop for the member price.

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