Each of us embodies a combination of masculine and feminine energies. Regardless of sexual preference, anatomy or whether we identify as male or female.

This 3 day immersion allows you to connect deeply with yourself and to truely understand which energy which is leading you and which one you may be denying. 

Which of your energies has been overly nurtured and developed to the detriment of the other?

Imbalance occurs when you focus on, or value more, one type of sacred energy over the other. Show up as the best version of yourself by balancing the different energies within you. 

In these 3 days you will receive the following course material with a Link:

  • daily online yoga classes (vinyasa&yin)

  • guided meditation & pranayama

  • yummy Ayurveda Recipes

Note: The Immersion release date is on the 11th of April although you can join anytime after that. The daily course material will be send to you via e-mail each day for the 3 day immersion. Classes gonna be recorded. So you can practice them. as many times you want.

Any questions? please don't hesitate to send me a email.

Love and light,


3 day immersion "how to balance feminine&masculine Energy"


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