Class Theme: " Turn your Gaze inwards"

With 80% of our sensory input coming from the eyes, it can be easy to focus the attention on our outward surroundings. Instead, turn the gaze inward (umpada dristi) by closing the eyes during portions of the practice. Allow the sensations of the body to bring new life into each posture. Encourage the ears to hear your internal dialogue more clearly. Above all, observe the level of trust you have within yourself to move and find balance with more ease than you thought possible. Then, this level of inner confidence can be projected back into the outer world as you move off of your mat and into the various areas of your life.

90min class vinyasa& Yin.

6pm Australia (GMT+10)

10am Zurich (GMT+2)

9am London (GMT +1)


recorded 90min. Vinyasa Flow&Yin live class - 17. May 6pm Australian Time EST


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