You just did a Yoga Teacher Training but you are not feeling super ready and confident yet to teach? Do yo still have a lot of questions about teaching f.e  a "multi level" yoga class or students with injuries and so on?

Do you miss the creative part and need some support with linking asanas effectfully together?

One of the principles of effective sequencing is that it should tell a story. The structure of a sequence follows an arc. There’s an opening and a warm up, where concepts are introduced and developed.


This live online workshop is for you if you:

  • You want information about every posture category, including the essential technique for every posture group, how to prepare for every posture category and how to conclude every posture category.
  • You need the tools to develop safe, effective sequencing that represents your voice and builds your student-base.
  • You need more confidence creating mixed-level yoga classes while meeting the needs of beginners and experienced students.
  • You crave the support, inspiration, and knowledge that will allow you to teach effective, authentic and purposeful yoga classes.
  • You want help teaching your students challenging postures like bakasana, handstand, upward-facing bow, hanumanasana, as well as basic postures like bridge pose, revolved triangle and more.


Course Structure:

75min. Yoga class

ca. 60min. lecuture in how to sequence a flow

ca. 45min. open discussion with Q& A



5pm Australia (GMT+10)

9am Zurich (GMT+2)

8am London (GMT +1)


P.S:  if you have financial hardship atm please contact me.



"the art of sequencing" - 3 hour online workshop

CHF25.00 Regular Price
CHF20.00Sale Price

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