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50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training
in Bali

next Dates:

6th of November - 10th of November 2023

25th of March - 29th of March 2024
22nd of July - 26th of July 2024

24th of November - 29th of November 2024

with Céline Buergi & Benjamin Nilon

Yin Yoga is the practice of stillness, acceptance, self love and self care.

Come and join us in Bali for this nurturing Teacher Training and immerse yourself deeper into Yin Yoga and dive deep into the world of receiving. 

Yin Yoga heals your body and mind on a deeper Level.  Physically we are by opening up the fascia in our body and gain range of motion and flexibility back while on an emotional Level we are unblocking Traumas in our body by working with the energetic body.

We feel more in peace, more in touch with ourselves and we find the balance between YING and YANG. This Teacher Training is a journey inwards and for for Yoga Teachers but also for everyone who just loves Yin and wants to know and learn more about Yin.


Become a certified Yin Yoga Teacher in tropical Paradise.

Our next Dates for the 50hr Teacher Trainings are: 

  • 6th of November - 10th of November 2023


Join us for their magical journey within.

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In this 50hrs you will learn all about:

- Yin Anatomy

-  Origin and Philosophy of Yin Yoga

- 24 Yin Asanas & their modifications. adjustments, contraindications and Counterposes 

-  Introduction in TCM and the Meridian Lines

- Yin Sequencing, Pranayama and Meditation

-  How to hold Space



850 Euro , inclusive Brunch, excl accommodation*

*reach out to us if you need accommodation at the resort. accommodation spots are limited. 


to secure your spot

250 Euro, non refundable

KITAS Holder: 650 Euro

How the week would look like with us:


8:00 am Opening Circle 

9:00 am Yin Yoga 

10:30 am theory & practical part

12:00 Brunch

2pm theory & practical part

5pm Yin Yoga

7pm Dinner individually

Tuesday & Wednesday

7:00 am Meditation and Pranayama

8:00 am Yin Yoga Class

10:00 am theory & practical part

11:30 am Brunch

2pm theory & practical part

5pm yin yoga

7pm dinner individually


7:00 am Meditation and Pranayama

8:00 am Students teaching their Yin class

10:00 am theory & practical part

11:30 am Brunch

2pm theory & practical part

5pm Students teaching their Yin class

7pm dinner individually


7:00 am Meditation and Pranayama

8:00 am Students teaching their Yin class

10:00 am theory & practical part

11:30 am Brunch

2pm written final exam

5pm Closing Ceremony and Graduation

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Greg Burdulis

“Superb course, great location. Loved eating brunch together. Loved the easy flow between teachers with students. Enjoyed both of your energies and blossomed with in it. I am soooo glad I did this with you!” 

YTT - FramedbyLexy-15.jpg

Sophie Schmierer

" You two are simply amazing. It's hard to put in words, but my heart is simply so full of love and gratitude for your guidance, energy, support, holding space, personality and authenticity. It has been a really intense, unique, painful as well as beautiful experience.  I'm deeply touched and could not ask for a better setting and pathway guides. I'm excited and thrilled to see where and how my YIN way will unroll. For sure Thank You!"

YTT - FramedbyLexy-14.jpg

Jessica Multini

“ Amazing, I am so glad I did this course and that I met you, ben and celine. These 6 days helped me to get to know myself better and that’s so precious. Thank you for sharing your wisdom”

YTT - FramedbyLexy-66.jpg

Emily Yip

“Thank you Celine & Ben for your beautiful energy and heart and bringing us together ti have such an amazing Yin ttc.

There is so much thought and effort put into the guidance and nurturing which was received. Thank you for holding this wonderful space for me to be a part of it.”

YTT - FramedbyLexy-61.jpg

Karina Schlegel

“ I really loved the training. Felt more and more like Family. Thank you, you are a great team and I hope to see more of this perfect harmony of yin and yang energy”

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