50hr Yin ttc

Online Teacher Training

**This course offers all the benefits of online instruction without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio trainings.

You complete the course on your own schedule. Begin whenever you’re ready and go at your own pace!**

Read here more about the Course Structure.


relaxed jaw, healthy pelvis

online Immersion

Explore the mystical connection between the jaw and the pelvis. that fascia connection that are known to be our avenues of expression. on physical and verbal levels.

The Course includes.

- Satsang 

-special Yoga class


-breathing exercises

*recording available on the 22nd of July


hatha tantra Immersion

Mentel Health Awareness

Dive into the world of Hatha Tantra Yoga and learn how to cultivate your Prana (Life-force) to stabilize your mind first and deepen your practice. read here more about what tantra is.

The Course includes.

- Satsang 

-Hatha Tantra class


-chanting mantras

*recording available on the 20th June*


3 day Immersion

How to balance your feminine and masculine Energies

This 3 day online immersion allows you to connect deeply with yourself and to truly understand which energy which is leading you and which one you may be denying. read here more about the course.




find your standing balance

Why the heck are standing balancing Poses sometimes so difficult? 

Learn how to engage Padma Bhanda, the Base on your Feet, to get  stable in each standing Balance Asana. Learn how to physically strengthen and elongate your muscles, to get  to know your center of gravity and how to align yourself. Not only in your Yoga practice, also in your daily Life.

This recorded Workshop  includes:

- exercises how to build a stron fundation for standing balancing Asanas 

-Alignement for standing balancing Asanas

-2 Vinyasa Flow Classes with the Focus on Balancing


"the Art of Sequencing"

online workshop

You just did a Yoga Teacher Training but you are not feeling super ready and confident yet to teach? Do yo still have a lot of questions about teaching f.e  a "multi level" yoga class or students with injuries and so on? then this workshop is for you. read here more about it.


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