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300hr Yoga Teacher Training
in Bali

next Dates:

1st - 29th of September 2024

Celine & Benny

Dive deeper into your Yoga Journey as a Teacher and as a Student.

We are supporting you to evolve your own practice and your teaching skills to the next level!

 This intensive course designed to deepen your already existing knowledge and foundations of yoga.

We believe that we are all constantly moving towards growth and knowledge as both yoga students and yoga teachers. Practicing and teaching yoga is a never-ending path of evolution.

We strive to meet you where you are and to transform your practice and your teaching into works of authentic, healing art.

Our Training is Yoga Alliance certified and we are all about quality rather quantity.

Spots are limited as we are trying to keep the Groups small for maximum attention.

The Training will be held in our brand new  Salty Prana Retreat Center in Uluwatu and includes

accommodation and 3 Meals a day.

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YTT - FramedbyLexy-35.jpg


can't believe how quick the YTT with Céline and Ben was over. But the seeds of wisdom will remain forever. Thanks to all the incredible teachers and fellow yogis to make this journey of inner growth and insights happen. Thanks for all the passion, grace and love that was put together. Forever grateful


Mara Henssler

"Loved everything about the training and would do it all over again! Celine and Ben are two incredible souls. "



"Joining the 200hr YTTC with Salty Prana was one of the best decisions of my life. The space Céline and Benny created was magical and welcoming. The entire team of teachers were inspiring and beautiful human beings. I learned so much within a short amount of time. Deepened my own practice, and was able to get a deeper knowledge of what Yoga really is. This training opened up so much for me personally, and I highly recommend it. A Salty Prana training course is a safe space to learn, grow and connect."


Liv Brocklehurst

Celine and Benny led each day of the course with passion and enthusiasm, demonstrating their skill and knowledge with a sprinkling of humour throughout the day to keep the days lighter and

They also weren't afraid to be human. If they were having an off day or feeling low, they told us on the daily check-ins. And so this made me respect them moreso, simply for their purity and honesty. Through this, they created a nurturing, open environment from the first day and this stayed throughout the 3 weeks.


Zoe Buyckx

"I want to thank Céline and Ben for organising this amazing training. They created an environment where we could flourish and learn, where we met new friends and where we got in touch with ourselves. During these three weeks I learnt about asana, philosophy, breathwork, and so much more. I'll take all these learnings with me on the yoga journey and I'm excited to start teaching myself."

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