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1:1 mind- and soulful Mentoring


Hi love, how can I help?

Sometime we feel stuck in what we are or who we want to become. Believe me I know that feeling. I was there too.

10 years ago i dared to take the step out of the self-sabotage and said goodbye to the lifestyle I no longer wanted to live anymore and I live a self-determined, happy and fulfilled life since then. 

The last 7-8 years have been the most transformative for me. 

I have dedicated myself to find and to live my Dharma. To truly live my souls purpose:

Sharing Yoga on and off the Mat and support everyone who is on the same path and is seeking for more.

In the last 5 years I created my own Yoga School, holding successfully 200hr , 50hrs and 300hr YTTCs.

I was co owner of a thriving Yoga Studio in Bali and now I am opening my very own Retreat Center in Uluwatu with my Partner.

One thing that I have learned and what helped me during this time of change is: when we have the right tools and support around us, we can achieve anything. 

And I am 100% sure you can do this too!



"My work is to be a support system and to hold space"

I am tailoring a 3 container individual of the needs of my clients. We are working close 1:1 together and helping you to achieve your goals is my priority.

I am passionate certified Women's and Yoga Mentor, guiding and supporting :

  • Women in their divine embodiment

  • Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Energies

  • Trauma Release

  • Yoga teachers on their Journey

  • Yoga students on their Path

  • Yoga Business Support

I'm ecstatic about my mission to help heal the collective feminine energy and guide us back to sisterhood, self-love and self-mastery. And I am driven to support Yoga teachers and Students to deepen their knowledge about yoga and their practice.


"your empowered self is waiting for you"

no time for a 3 months container? I am also offering single sessions


Is that you?

  • Do you want to step fully into your power and unleash your divine potential?

  • Do you want to learn how to balance the feminine and masculine energies in your body?

  • Do you want to embrace your Menstrual Cycle and learn how to support yourself through the different phases?

  • Are struggling with self worth and loving yourself? 

  • Are you craving embodiment?

  • Are you ready to connect deeply with your emotions?

  • Are you ready for radical self acceptance?

  • Are you ready to heal?

  • Do you want to empower yourself?

  • Are you willing to do shadow work


Yoga Mentorship

Is that you?


  • Do you feel uninspired and stuck in your teachings?

  • Are you new to teaching and you want to build up confidence?

  • Do you want to deepen your spiritual practice?

  • Do you feel stuck in your self practice? 

  • Do you feel drained and lack of energy?

  • Do you feel uncreative in your sequences?

  • Do you want to dive deeper in your meditation practice?

  • Do you want to learn more about anatomy?

  • Do you want to learn more about yoga philosophy?

  • Do you need help with your online business?


  • You are new to Yoga and want to learn the Foundation?

  • You are a Advanced or a Intermediate Yogi and want to deepen your practice?

  • You want to create aYoga Routine?

  • You want to learn to Meditate?


how we work together

A tailored mind- and soulful Mentorship Program over 3 Months:

  • 7x 60min Zoom Live Sessions  

  • (which can be extended if needed) 

  • Reflection and "Homework" included

During the Program I will help you to :

  • be accountable for your progress

  • set clear and precise goals that are achievable

  • challenge your personal boundaries

  • seek out the knowledge and skills you need to grow.


Your investment for this 3 months

1:1 Soul- and Mindful Mentorship is 





Installments payment plans are also possible.

I cant wait to meet you!

Only need my support for one or two Sessions? 

1 hour Coaching Meeting 

84€ /90CHF/137AUD/97USD

Laptop On Tray

Amanda Scouller,

I’ve been practicing yoga for quite a few years now, teaching, studying and asana. In 2021 I stepped into studio ownership. Yoga is such a personal practice and I’ve always taken part in group trainings and education. I decided to follow my heart and join Celine in her mentorship program. I was attracted to the 1 on 1 concept and the personalization that could offer. What started off as me wanting to improve what I could offer others - became what can I do completely for me? I absolutely adore how Celine listened to every word and created a program that was so perfect for what I needed , and quite far away from what I thought I wanted. Funny how that works! 
The past few months she has encouraged me to look deep within, and honour MYSELF. Sometimes we are so good at helping others and giving to others, that we forget to nourish and care for the most important relationship, with our self. I am grateful to have Celine as my mentor and friend. Our discussions and even homework - have been exactly what I needed. I don’t want it to end. Thank you Celine  

Amie Hine,

I am into my third week of my mentorship program with Céline and i am so thankful and grateful i decided to reach out of my comfort zone to ask for guidance in my yoga journey. I have already learnt the benefits of developing a consistent morning routine and i feel so comfortable and at ease knowing Céline is guiding and supporting me every step 

Georgia Pedersen, 

I have recently finished a 3 month yoga mentorship with Celine. She tailored each session to what I wanted to learn and how I wanted to grow. I felt supported in each session and was amazed by her amount of knowledge and wisdom regarding everything about yoga. My practice was able to be taken to the next level with what I learnt from Celine. I would recommend her mentorship no matter where on your yoga journey.

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