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100hr online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

100hr online Yin Yoga Teacher Training
100hr online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Time & Location

Time is TBD


About the Event

**This course offers all the benefits of online instruction without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio trainings.You complete the course on your own schedule. Begin whenever you’re ready and go at your own pace!**

In this 12 day 100 hour Teacher Training you will  learn the fundamentals of teaching& practicing Yin Yoga and also more in depth about the Energetic Body.

we will have a very close look into the Meridians and their Organs, the 5 Elements of Daoism, vrittis and vasanas, including the Mudras into Yin Practice and the chakras and also the 3 Types of the practinioner.

As Yoga has become more and more popular in the West, Yang yoga has become the far more dominant form of practice. Whilst Yang Yoga is powerful, healing and important, we strongly feel that Yin Yoga is equally crucial in order to achieve a truly balanced and homeostatic way of life. Universally, Yang cannot exist without Yin and viceversa. Our bodies both physical and energetic, obey this Universal Law. Sacred balance is physically and metaphysically achieved through the regular practice of Yang and Yin Yoga in similar proportions.

Who is this for? Yoga teachers who wish to offer Yin Yoga classes Yoga teachers who already did the Module 1 Yin ttc Yoga teachers and students who want to learn more about them self and their students Students who love yin yoga and wish to know more about the practice Experienced yoga instructors looking for new information and ongoing training New instructors looking for guidance and support Anyone who loves Yin Yoga

When does the course start?

the course starts at the 8th of may with a cacao opening cereomy at 8pm with all the other course participants. 

Timezone the Meetings will be held ist AEST you can start then to study in your own time and pace. Throughout a month we will have regular zoom meetings together to discuss the topics, ask questions and to connect. if you cant participate to all of the meetings dont worry. A recording will be uploaded a onto the learning platform.

Important: You dont have to finish your training within the time of the live zoom meetings. The meetings are here  to connect and to have the opportunity to discuss topics and to share. You can take as long as you need to finish your training. 

daily schedule

2x 90 or 60minutes Yoga practice 1,5 hours Video Lectures 3 hours Selfstudy including a Quiz 30 minutes Homework

 In this course we will cover: 

What is Yin Yoga? The Origin & History

Yin intentions and principles

Yin Anatomy - Bio-mechanics of Yin Yoga on the body

Physical and energetic theory and benefits of Yin Yoga asana

Mental & physical benefits of Yin

Intro into chakras & Meridians

Breathing techniques for Yin

The Yin Asanas & their modifications & contraindications

Counterposes and why they are so important

The art of teaching: How to hold space, Yin Sequencing , adjustments and use of props for Yin

Guided meditations, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra

Chakras in Yin Yoga and Chakra Meditation 

12 Meridians

5 Elements of Daoism 

3 Types of the practitioner including Mudras into Yin Yoga 

The art of teaching: How to overcome Vrittis and Vasanas 

Guided meditations, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra

Certification The course is Yoga Alliance certified. Yoga instructors currently registered with Yoga Alliance will be able to use this course for continuing education credits. Upon completing the course quiz and after teaching your own 60min yin yoga class live (depends which timezone)  or recorded you'll receive a certificate of completion.

What’s included:

Opening Cacao Ceremony regulary Zoom Meetings with the Group to exchange and to Discuss  12 recorded themed yin classes Daily recorded satsang videos A in depth printable yin yoga manual (pdf) Teacher and community support : A Personal one on one zoom meeting and acess to online yin yoga community Unlimited acess to the learning platform

If I have trouble or questions during the course, who will I turn to for help?

You can email me with a message at any time. you've signed up for the course, you'll also be able to leave questions and comments within the program.

Refund PolicyI value integrity and believe students should honor commitments made. There will be no refunds for this transaction, please make sure you are ready to commit to this training prior to enrolling.

I can not come up for the full course costIf your have any financial issuses during this uncertain times, please send me a e-Mail so we can organize a payment plan.

have a look at the learningplatform here


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    50hr yin yoga teacher training

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