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I did my 200hr Teacher Training.
what now?

next Group starts on the

7th of January 2023 

6 Zoom Meetings 


"Yes! I am a certified Yoga Teacher!"  But... what's next? hmmm.. Oh i know exactly how that feels! 

Most likely we feel quite overwhelmed after the 200hrs yttc.

We have soooooo many questions about what is next, where should I start? Am I good enough to teach? I don't know enough. I don't feel confident enough to teach.... I was there too! 

I am offering a 2 Months Group Container for Yoga Teacher who just graduated from their 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and need some support on their ongoing journey.

  • Group Messanger Chat 

  • 6 Zoom Meetings, 1Integrate Call  ( Zoom Meetings every Saturday 7pm Bali Time) potentially 2 Groups if the Timezones of the participants shouldn't match.

  • Many transformational Tasks & Practices  

Course Topics:

- what are the next steps after my 200hr training

-  how to put my yoga cv together

-how can i approach yoga studios

-tools to become confident in teaching

-tools to use for your online marketing

-how to keep on going on your yoga path

- Nomad Yogi, how to travel and teach yoga

-Sanskrit Lesson and how to learn the Asanas in Sanskrit

- and much more.

Course Fee:

200 EURO

(also recorded available if you can't join live)

save the date!

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