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8 tips to maintain a daily yoga practice at home

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

While for some it is easy to practice away from the yoga studio, many people find it difficult to maintain a consistent home yoga practice. When life gets stressful and busy, it is one of the first things we let go of. There are many great benefits of establishing a daily yoga habit, and it’s a great way to balance out a hectic lifestyle. If you’re new to yoga, or if you’re finding it hard to commit to a daily yoga routine at home, I've got eight great tips to make your daily practice easier, more enjoyable, and more consistent.

Why deepen your home yoga routine?

There are several benefits of practicing yoga at home instead of a studio. It is less expensive, saves time, and is easier to fit in to a busy lifestyle. Just taking one weekly yoga class, you will feel more peaceful and at ease. A morning yoga practice will make you more positive and energised throughout the day. An evening yogapractice will help you fall asleep faster and get better sleep. An ever-growing abundance of online yoga classes makes it simple and easy to maintain a daily yoga routine in the comfort of your own home.

How to maintain your daily home yoga routine

  1. Commit to a schedule Often, the trick to building new habits begins with setting your intention and creating clear and actionable goals. With daily yoga practice, this can mean taking a few minutes a day to meditate or write in a meditation journal. Carve a few minutes out of your day to dedicate to centering yourself and practicing a couple of simple poses or do a longer practice with your favorite yoga videos. Even if you don’t try anything strenuous that day, you’ll know you’ve spent time on it, and your mind and body will thank you. The key is to find 10-60 minutes of time several times a week to practice, and to make it a priority to do so. Ideally, try to practice yoga everyday so it’s an integrated part of your routine. The best times to fit a practice into your schedule are early morning, right after work, and before bedtime.

  2. Maintain and improve your yoga space One of the major challenges is finding an inspiring space for yoga in your home. After you have Set up a specific space in the house for your yoga mat, you will need to maintain it as a part of your regular practice. Make a habit to always leave your yoga space neat and tidy and clean it on a regular basis. Make sure your yoga mat is wiped down or deep cleaned regularly. Improve your practice space with some decorations , live plants, smudge sticks, crystals and comfy cushions.

  3. Make it personal When you’re developing a daily yoga practice, it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself. The point is not to get too bogged down in perfecting the movements. Yoga is a practice that is largely about your own peace of mind. So make time to check in with yourself. Personalize the movements to suit you—almost every asana has a variation or modification available to tailor it to your body’s abilities. Taking a more relaxed and individualized approach will keep you motivated to build on what you learn.

  4. Master the basic poses It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of options and information about yoga. It helps to break things down into the basics and focus on the most important, fundamental poses and movements. More advanced poses are certainly valuable to improving and maintaining your routine, but it will be less overwhelming if you focus primarily on the basics and from there add a few interesting variations and advanced asanas to strive towards.

  5. Stick with a yoga style and set sequence A routine doesn’t just mean doing your yoga at the same time of day, in the same space. Though these are great ways to build up a regular practice, having a few simple poses that you can always start with will signal to your body that it’s time to get started. Sun salutations are a good yoga sequence for feeling awake and energetic, ready to take on an invigorating yoga routine, or anything else the day throws at you! Sticking with a yoga style has many great benefits, and it helps keep you focused on improving your practice.

  6. Explore online yoga classes Without the support of a yoga teacher or yoga studio, it’s tough to find the motivation and inspiration for your daily yoga routine. To keep yourself inspired and motivated, try different styles to see and feel what suits your body at the moment best. Join our “yoga vida online community“. A monthly Membership for online yoga classes.

  7. Challenge yourself While you can use social media or online classes to challenge yourself, you can also set your own goals. Challenge yourself to try new poses, increase your practice time, or to be on your yoga mat for 30 consecutive days. Share your progress and successes online and off. Don’t forget to reward yourself!

  8. Deepen your knowledge Yoga is more than just a asanas, it is also a lifestyle that promotes a healthy body and mind through physical, mental, and spiritual practices. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, the more you learn about how yoga can enrich your life, the more you’ll want to deepen your yoga knowledge. As a beginner, you may spend your time learning the basics of breathing, the physical poses, and making the effort to practice. As you progress, you may be interested in learning more about yogic philosophy. There are tons of books and yoga websites you can explore to deepen your understanding and knowledge of philosophy and the deeper aspects of yoga. one of my absolute favourite books are : "the secret of the yoga sutras" - Pandit Rajmani Tigunait ; "Light on Yoga" - BKS Iyengar; "Light on Pranayama" - BKS Iyengar.

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