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How To Begin the Journey of Your Spiritual Adventure

Yearning for more than what we have, we set out on journeys. It can be a journey for money, for love, or for adventure. The journey I want to speak about here, is the journey we must all make if we want the mind, body, and soul to be one. 

This journey lasts from one night of pure emotions to a lifetime of pure confusion. But if we are to be ourselves, we must take the journey. What happens along the way of your journey, is for you to decide.

Begin Your Journey with Understanding

When you have set the course to go on your journey, let it begin with understanding. We must understand a few basic things. 

One:  Humans are not all alike, one will hate you and the other will love you. The difference in moods is the reason why humans are who they are. The knowledge that everyone is different in some way, will lead you to one giant leap on your journey.

Two:  Your cravings are the reason the journey keeps lagging behind. Do not crave, and you will get. Simple as that. If you crave, then the thoughts in your mind are interrupted, and the flow of your mind, body, and soul is broken. Cravings of any kind lead you to believe that you need something to make you feel better, to make you better. The craving inside us all is what makes us lose touch with our inner being. Sometimes, we cannot stop our cravings from appearing, but it is up to us to stop them and to nurture that line of spirituality that makes us ourselves.

Three:  Everything is a surprise. People and cravings can be a surprise that cannot be stopped at certain times. We must deal with the fact that surprises are always around the corner, waiting to turn right in your face. We have to deal with these surprises by taking the shock of it and turning it to something we know. Surprises will abound on your journey, some of them good, some of them bad, but all of them worth it.

There are a lot of things about your journey to understand, but the three above are what we need to focus on. Starting the journey with these understandings will make it more worthwhile and more meaningful to you, as a person. The journey begins on a grassy knoll. The bumps will be there, though, but an understanding will make the journey all the more exciting into what you can be and have always been.

The Pot of Gold: Finding Your True Self

The length of this journey varies from person to person. You cannot just hop on a plane and hope that the destination is fun without giving yourself time to plan. You have to believe enough in yourself to let the journey expand itself. It can be one night or a lifetime, but the payoff, the fact that you have found your true self, is priceless.

Journeys in the spiritual sense are about seeing yourself and what makes you believe in yourself. The journeys do not have to be to the ancient pyramids of Egypt, or to Machu Pichu, or even to your local church. 

Since the journey begins in your mind, then begin where your mind takes you, be it at home or work. A spiritual journey is an adventure no matter where you go, but where it ends is what makes it special.

So and now, good luck in all your journeys.


Those books helped me on my ongoing journey:

The Yoga of the Nine Emotions : The Tantric Practice of Rasa by Peter Marchand

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Be here now by Ram Dass

Also Yin Yoga helped me to understand myself better. Are you interested in practicing or doing a Yin teacher Training with me? Read here more about it!

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