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beating coronavirus - 7 days of self care

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

So while the world is going crazy about this Coronavirus it is, so it seems, the perfect time to practice self care. Start your week tomorrow by keeping the focus again on you.

Then the only way to stay healthy mentally and physically is to take care of ourselves.

Your body is your temple. with or without facemask.


eat well & nourish

*meditate for 5 minutes after waking up

*drink hot ginger-lemon tea

*prepare a cleansing, immunboosting kitchari for the whole week. A yummy Ayurvedic version of a chicken soup. check the recipe in blog.

*set the tone for your week


Tech Detox &find your creativity

*meditate for 5 minutes after waking up

*put your phone & computer away

*start to journaling, create an intention calendar

*read, color, do some DIY crafts


Pamper yourself

*meditate for 10 minutes after waking up

*practicing some yin yoga

*drink a golden soy milk.recipe in my insta „ayurveda“ story

*listen to your favourite music while taking a bath

*get cozy in your pijamas and have a pedicure while watching a show on tv



*meditate 10 minutes after waking up

*practice vinyasa yoga

*go out for a walk

*journaling about your day


get social

*meditate for 15 minutes after waking up

*call someone you love

*invite some friends over for dinner

*enjoy a glass of wine (or two:) )


Relax & unwind

*meditate for 15 minutes after waking up

*practicing slow flow yoga

*create a new Spotify playlist

*listen to your new playlist and dance your heart out


treat yourself

*meditate for 20 minutes after you waking up

*get yourself some soulfood and eat it with awareness

*give yourself a foot massage

*practice yin yoga

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