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Increase your Femininity with Yin Yoga

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I had quite a strong masculine side. I had been aware of this but didn’t realize how it was impacting my life, my relationships — particularly those of romantic in nature — until I started to practice Yin Yoga My weakest link?


I was so used to giving. Taking the lead. Being in charge. I didn’t know how to receive.

Sounds familiar?

Yin Yoga offers anyone the chance to receive the full introspective and relaxing benefits of yoga without the physical exertion of a Yang yoga practice. It is a slow-paced yoga style, where meditation, awareness, and inner silence open the mind and the body to the benefits of practice. Based, on the Taosist concepts of yin and yang, yin practice is considered the feminine moon-side of yoga.

So roll out your mat, grab some bolsters and blocks ( pillows and some books works as well) and make yourself comfortable. Invite your feminine side home.

1 supported childspose - hold for 8 minutes.

settle slowly into your practice. Align your Bolster underneath your upper body, open up your knees mat wide. Place a Blanket underneath your knees if they are sensitive. Find a comfortable position for your Arms so you can relax your shoulders the best way. Position your head first turning to the right side.

After 4min. change side.

2 sleeping Pigeon Pose- hold for 5minutes each side

lay on your back and position both feet on the mat behind your buttocks. Place the right ancle over the left thigh leg (like a figure 4) and interlace your fingers behind your left knee. You can also try to reach for your shinbones after a few minutes but more important is to find a soft grip so your shoulders can realx down to the ground again.

I suggest to come in Savasana as a rebound pose after this and the next pose to observe and receive the Energy

3 sleeping Gomukhasana - hold for 5 minutes each side

lay on your back hug your knees in and bring one knee on top of the other, like you would sit on a chair.

Grab with your hands your opposite ankles or your shinbones. try to bring your lower back down to the floor and in the same time bring your knees closer to the chest.

rebound in Savasana.

4 Yogi Squad - hold for 5 minutes

find a way to the top of your mat. feet mat wide slightly turned outwards.

bend your knees and sit down. Bring a Bolster or a Block underneath your sacrum if you struggle to find a comfortable position. Bring your hands down to the floor. Relax your head.

as a rebound standing forward fold.

5 Butterfly - hold for 5 minutes

sit down on the floor and bring the soles of your feet together.

to increase the stretch you can also bring a block between your feet. Find the right angle where you can relax your innerthighs and knees best.

optional Savasana in between.

6 Dragon - hold for 5 minutes each side

come into runners lunge. support your back knee with a bolster. bring both hands on two blocks or as many you need to ease into this quite intense stretch. After a while you can remove the blocks and maybe you can come all the way down with your elbows.

as a rebound pose come into child pose.

7 Deerpose - hold for 5minutes each side

sit on your backside. place your right shin with the long side of the mat and the left thigh across the mat. Align a Bolster down the center of your mat. fold over your hip and melt into the ground.

as a rebound pose come into a down dog.

8 Pigeon Pose - hold for 5minutes each side

from down dog place the right knee behind the right wrist and your shin across the mat. take the bolster as a support underneath your chest and a block if required under your right hip.

as a juicy rebound come to all fours and extend one leg to the back on the mat.

9 Full Frog - hold 5minutes

position yourself perpendicular to the long side of the mat.

Bring your knees as far away from each other as possible. Keep the big toes together as a start. lean with your upper body forward, position the bolster underneath your torso and come onto your ellbows. try to keep your hips line with your knees.

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