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Mushti Mudra - release your stuck Emotions

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Let us talk about a incredible Emotional Healing Mudra, the Mushti Mudra.

According to ancient sources, this Mudra originated from Lord Vishnu who used this hand gesture while he was fighting with Madhu.

Mushti Mudra is the tight fist which is the symbol of force also known as fist Mudra.

It is used for releasing pent up emotions, suppressed anger, frustration, constant irritation and negative emotions.

I believe in this uncertain time of Covid19 we all have Emotions to release. So lets practice together to let go of these Emotions, so we have more space in our mind for positive thoughts. With a clear mindset we can go through this united until it reaches its conclusion.


Fold the thumbs into the palm of your hands and then close the four fingers over the thumbs.

(see picture above)


1. Releases body tensions and accumulated emotions.

2. Free our Mind from unwanted thoughts and worries.

3. It activates liver and stomach. It aids digestion and cures constipation.

4. It creates positive emotions when feeling depressed and discouraged.

5. It lowers blood pressure.

6. It reliefs from physical discomforts like shivering, phlegm in the wind pipe or feeling of lethargy and inertia.

7. Practice for 10 minutes after meals to assist digestion.

How To Perform Mushti Mudra

Integrating Mushti Mudra into your asana practice:

You can bring your hands into this Mudra during your asana practice in every pose where you hold your asana 5 breaths.

Here are just a few examples: Warrior 1, Warrior 2, treepose, goddesspose etc..

Practicing Meditation with Mushti Mudra:

  • Settle into a relaxed seated position, resting your hands on your thighs with the palms facing the sky. Close your eyes and adjust your posture if needed in order so the body can stay at ease and still.

  • Let the breath turn slightly longer as you develop the feeling of letting go. Ask yourself some questions. Do you require setting some boundaries in your life? Moreover for a certain situation you find yourself in? Set those boundaries.

  • Fold the thumbs of both hands into your palms. Close your fingers down over your thumbs creating a fist with your hand.

  • Watch any physical sensations in the hands and any emotional changes in the mind and body as the inhalation is directed inwards to Manipura Chakra at the solar plexus. At the exhalation Prana is distributed outwards throughout the whole body.

  • Each inhalation brings positive energy; every exhalation releases the deep seated tension in our body plus any concealed irritation we have lingering in us.

  • Practice for up to 15 minutes or longer wherever desirable.

  • Your hands form fists throughout the practice to release huge amounts of emotion. Even though this Mudra is seen as a symbol of attack, this could be the body’s way of releasing confined emotions, as all the elements are harnessed and balanced in the palm of the hands.

Enjoy practice this healing mudras and let me know how it works for you.

love and light, Celine

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